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This class is designed to assist those looking to buy their first handgun or the competitor that shoots year around. The content in the class is based upon time tested fundamentals proven by champion hand gunners. Class Topics - Safety - Gun Selection - Grip - Stance - Sight Picture - Trigger Control - Follow Through - Breath Control - Drills Class will be limited to 12 students. Cost is $49.99 or FREE with purchase of handgun. Class FAQ What do I need to bring? - You need to bring pen/pencil, notepad, handgun (if you have one), and one box of ammunition. We will provide eye and ear protection, but please feel free to bring your own if you prefer to use your own equipment. What if I don’t own a gun? -We will have approximately 4-5 rental guns available. There will be no charge to use one of our guns; however there will be a $5 or $10 charge for ammunition, depending on caliber. Are there any handguns that we are not allowed to bring? -To maximize your class experience we are preferring calibers of 22lr. Guns of extreme sizes, small or large, are not conducive for proper handgun practice. So for that reason, we recommend nothing small enough to be carried in a pocket and no barrel lengths longer than 6”. How many rounds will we fire? -You will typically fire less than 20 rounds in a class. How long is the class? -This class will run approximately 4 hours. How old do you have to be to take the class? -You must be at least 18 to take this class by yourself. Those 13 years old and older may take the class with adult supervision. I have never shot a handgun, is this class a good starting point? - This class is a perfect starting point. This class will be conducted in a judgment-free, stress-free environment with emphasis placed on safety and handgun fundamentals. It is better to learn the proper way initially than to overcome years of bad habits. Will this class benefit the intermediate to advanced shooter? -Absolutely! Even racecars need a tune up every once in awhile. We have the tendency to get complacent in our routines. Complacency often leads to bad habits without us even realizing it. So this class will give you the opportunity to have an experienced shooter give you some valuable feedback. Should I take this class before purchasing my first gun? -Ideally, yes, you may learn facts that could sway your purchase decision. To comply with all State and Federal firearm regulations, it is simpler and cheaper to buy the proper gun first, than to purchase a gun that you don’t like and return it. Is this class required before taking the North Carolina Concealed Carry class? - No. This class is not required before taking the concealed carry class. The concealed carry class is deals with laws surrounding the use of force, and is not designed for handgun fundamentals. We recommend getting taking this class before taking the concealed carry class, especially for those without prior handgun experience. What should I wear? - Due to a burn risk from ejected brass, we recommend you do not wear open toed shoes, loose fitting clothing, or low cut tops.

CLASS HOURS:  1:00 - 4:00PM

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