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***SHOOTERS EXPRESS...Your #1 stop for all of you personal defense, sport shooting and NFA items***


         Our Buyers Club is designed for just that: BUYERS!  Sorry, no range benefits in this one, we still offer 3 great range memberships for that.  This is just plain, good old savings.  And not just on firearms or ammunition.  Save on your cleaning supplies.  Discounts on that new holster.  Big Bucks of that new optic for your rifle.  And how about some cash left over to put in your new security safe.  That's right, save on just about everything in our Pro Shop.  

         For only a small price: $39.99 for a single year, $49.99 for two, you'll rack in big savings.  Why are we doing this?  We want a commitment from you.  We want to be your go to firearms dealer, period.  In return, we will routinely save you money on firearms and accessories.  EVERYTHING!  Even if we don't have it, we will make every effort to get it for you at your same Buyers Club savings.  

        Our requirements are simple.

    1) Sign Up With Us

    2) You must have a valid email address

    3) We do not quote BC prices to non-members

    4) You must present your BC card at the time of every purchase.

      Thats It.

      To get started, see your Shooters Express Sales Pro.