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       Shooters has several Factory armorers on staff including Glock, Smith & Wesson and more.  Should we not offer services for your firearm, we can help you return your firearm for service.  Check with us first.


Shooters is happy to help with all of your firearm transfer needs.  NC recognizes person to person firearm sales as long as a few rules are observed.  Both parties must be legal residents of NC.  No individual may sell or transfer any firearm to any out of state resident directly.  The individual purchasing the firearm must present a pistol purchase permit obtained from their local sherrif which the seller must keep along with a copy of the sales reciept.  Should the buyer posess a valid NC Conceal Carry Permit, the seller may make a copy of this in leiu of a permit.  If possible, it is also recommended making a copy of the buyers valid drivers license or state ID.  The seller should be careful to maintain all documets should they be needed in the future.  Should the need to handle this through an FFL be desired instead, both parties will need to be present along with the firearm and above listed documents.

Any out of state sales or purchases will need to be handled through a licensed FFL dealer.  Shooters accepts incoming transfers from licensed FFL holders only.  No shipments from individuals will be accepted.  Before a firearm is shipped, the shipping FFL must have a current copy of the recieving FFL’s license.  Please notify Shooters of the incoming shipment by calling or stopping by the shop or sending an email to [email protected].  Information needed with be the name and contact information of the shipping dealer, name and notification information of the recieving individual and firearm being shipped.  The cost of incoming transfer is curently 65.00 per serial number.  Effective as of 09/01/2022, due to storage limitations, ALL TRANSFERS MUST BE PICKED UP WITHING 30 DAYS OF NOTIFICATION.    Any firearm not picked up within that time period will be charged an extra $65.00 fee for every 30 days over limit.  Please be sure to have any purchase permits before placing your order.  The only exception to this would be a delay on a NICS background check.   Shipping a firearm to another FFL requires the same information as above.  The current cost is also 65.00 per serial number plus shipping and insurance costs.  Shipping costs are 35.00 per handgun and 45.00 per long gun.  This includes $500.00 insurance coverage.  Larger amounts may be purchased at additional costs.

E Prints

Shooters is happy to offer electronic fingerprinting services.  Currently we are only handling e prints for ATF sevices.  Should you need a set of e prints to add to your form 1 when you sbr your rifle, or when you purchase a suppressor from us, we can help.  Cost of e prints is $50.00.

Here's what you will need to do.  Obtain two (2) recent 2″x 2″ passport photographs and (2) FBI approved and completed fingerprint cards from your local sheriff’s department. Just a note, as an added convenience to our customers, we are set up to handle both the photographs and fingerprint cards here in the shop. Utilizing our state-of-the-art ten-print scanner and Bayometric’s ATF Live Scan software, digital fingerprints are captured within minutes. Bring these with you to Shooters Express where they will complete the appropriate paperwork necessary for successful transfer.

Rifle Optics Bore Sighting

We offer bore sighting as a service to speed up in sighting in your rifle optics as well as save ammo in doing so.  Bore Sighting is done in the shop by manually aligning the bore of your rifle with the center of your optics.  After doing so, you will need to typically fire 2 to 3 rounds to finish zeroing in the optic to your field of vision.  The fee for this service is 25.00.


Rifle Optics Range Sighting

Our pros will be happy to take your rifle onto our range and manually sight it in for you should you wish.  Sight in will be done at a range of 25 yards which will also place you on target at a range of 100 yards.  The fee for this service is 35.00 plus ammo which you may supply or purchase from us.



Let our pros give your firearm the attention that it deserves.  If you love to shoot your gun, but not to clean it, we can help.  We offer professional gun cleaning for both handguns and long guns.



Shooters Express now offers private, one on one instruction. These sessions are available by appointment only. Our instructors are some of the most qualified marksmen anywhere in NC. Prices are very reasonable for instruction of this caliber and no matter if you are a beginning shooter or have years of experience, this is a great chance for improvement. For further information or to make an appointment, contact any sales associate.



We offer professional appraisals for insurance purposes.  This service normally takes 24 to 48 hours to complete.  To have this done, please bring in your firearm so that we may make notations and photographs.  Afterwards, it will be researched and you will be provided with a written appraisal.   The fee for this service is 45.00.  Please note….should you only wish to see how much your firearm is worth, please consult the many online sites selling prices.



Are you planning an office or church outing?  Looking for something different for your bachelor or bachelorette party?  Just want something different to build moral or team spirit.  Well, we have the answer for you.  Why not rent our range?  We offer after hours rental for many purposes and occasions at a very reasonable rate.  Rental also includes access to our classroom which may be used for meetings or catering.  For more information on this service, please visit our After Hours page on this site.



If you’re a bit short on cash, Shooters is happy to offer cash loans on your firearms.  Just stop by the shop from 10-5 and let us help you out.  You’ll get the help you need and be confident your firearm is secure and awaiting your return.