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***SHOOTERS EXPRESS...Your #1 stop for all of you personal defense, sport shooting and NFA items***

“You don’t have to be a victim”
“Restraining order special”

Several of us here at Shooters Express have lost dear friends in the past to domestic violence, several times in response to victims who had restraining orders in place that were violated which resulted in further abuse and even death to the victim. This is why we would like to offer any and all help possible to anyone out there who currently has a restraining order in place and still fears the law isn’t enough to keep them safe.

If you or someone you know is dealing with this, we invite them to stop by the shop and speak with one of our instructors. Shooters will offer FREE professional firearm training by appointment to anyone who currently has a restraining order in place . If you do not have a firearm and wish to purchase one, we will also offer discounts on firearms, ammunition, as well as non-lethal protection such as mace, pepper spray or stun guns. The training is absolutely FREE. No cost to you, no obligation to you. All you have to do is ask. And discounts on any defensive equipment you need. And you can be assured, all this will be handled discreetly and with total confidentiality.