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Staff Meeting Notes: 07/18/2017

       Covered areas during Meeting were as follows

               ) New Schedules.  Due to recent staff changes, it had become nessasary to modify our schedules.  The new schedules have been posted on the board in the entrance hallway.  Everyone should take a minute to review the new schedules.  Should you wish a copy, please see Terry.  I need everyone to please work their schedule.  We will be running a tight schedule for a while and it will be crutial to adhere to the hours posted.

           ) Cell Phones on the Sales Floor.  Please keep the use of your cell phone to a minimun while on the sales floor.  The last thing a guest needs to see is us with our nose buried in our phone.  

            ) Price 2.  Just to review, the pricing stucture in IMS is set up as follows; Price 1 is the normal everyday price.  Price 2 is the "What's the best you can do" price.  Price 3 is cost.  Price 4 is the Premier Member Cost.  Price 5 is employee cost.  Now, IF THERE IS NO PRICE 2, THERE IS NO PRICE ADJUSTMENT.  Any further mark downs below price 2 require management approval.  The only exception would be to honor price matches on in stock items from our website.  

 Staff Meeting Notes: 07/11/2017

         Covered areas during Meeting were as follows

                  ) Once again 4473 errors are out of control.  It seems no one is having forms double checked anymore.  We once again have indivual folders in my office with problem 4473's.  I need everyone to grab their folders during downtime and get on the phone calling customers to come in and do corrections.  We must get these things done right.  If we must go back to being fined for errors, we will.  Slow down, double check yourself, then have someone else double check you.  

               )  Security.  Everyone has heard of the recent break ins in the area.  Be aware of who is in the store.  Approach and speak to them.  Follow your schedules.  They are set up with this in mind also.  

Staff Meeting Notes: 07/01/017

       Covered areas during meeting were as follows

                  ) Shooters Swag Promo,  new promotion posted to FB and sent e Blast on Sports Afield floor safes.  Customer my purchase either SA5928 or SA5520 at set prices of 833.99 or 699.99 and recieve a Ruger 3701 LCP pistol and 30 Day range membership free.  Employee please ring out safe as normal and pistol and membership at .01 each.

                ) Springfield has extended the Gear Package Promo through August

                ) Smith and Wesson has ended the rebate on their handguns and begun a rebate on mags, holster and loader.

Staff Meeting Notes: 06/29/17

      Covered areas during Meeting were as follows

       ) Please keep register work areas clean and clear of clutter.  If you need to keep notes, please see Kathy for a notebook and do not tag them on registers.

      ) Springfield Gear Promo extended until August 31.


Staff Meeting Notes: 06/27/2017

         Covered areas during Meeting were as follows

    )  Upcoming Blood Drive.  Please remind all customers of the Community Blood Drive on July 22 here at Shooters.  We would like to make a great showing.  Appointments between 12 and 3 will be accepted.

   ) 3 in 1 Raffle has started.  3 long guns will be drawn for on July 29th.  Tickets are $20.00 each and only 75 tickets will be sold.  Please restrict all ticket sales to in store only.  As one purpose for the raffle is to bring customers into the shop, no phone sales will be accepted. 

Staff Meeting Notes: 06/24/2017

              Covered Areas during Meeting were as follows:

    )  Cleaning.  We need to keep all areas neat and clean.  Sales floor strainghtened.  Register areas clean and straight.  If you need to keep notes, see office for notebook.  Range needs to keep tools in outside building, not behind counter.  Full brass buckets should be taken to warehouse, tables in bays kept empty for customer use.    We dont want to look like Big Lots, we want to give customers a Carowins experience.  

 Staff Meeting Notes: 06/22/2017

                  Covered areas during meeting were as follows:

  ) Cash Drawers should be counted down every nite at closing and exact amount over $200.00 should be turned in to office.  Do not round off totals.

  ) Every new layaway must have a signed layaway form completed by customer.  This is especially important due to the new 7.95 layaway fee.

   ) All employees should slow down and pay closer attention to current tasks.  Don't get in to big of a hurry to get to the next customer before you finish with the current one.

   ) EBlast being sent out this evening on Taurus PT111, blue only.  Sale price for Friday, Saturday and Sunday @ $199.99 with free 1 year NRA membership coupon.  EBlast only with no in store or online ads.  Customer must ask for special.  Reward to customers for being on mailing list.

    ) Blood Drive scheduled for July 22nd.  Customers may sign up in advance for appointment time to save wait.  Sign in sheet on clipboard by gunsmith room door.  Shooters will donate a one day range pass to all donars.

    ) In order to maintain floor coverage, all employees are asked to schedule lunch breaks through management.  Do not simply go to lunch.  Individual lunch breaks are done off the clock.  One employee picking up lunch for several may stay on the clock.



 From Mark

The truth about AR's 
When do you hope to buy into the stock market?  Most would say...When the price is low. Well the price is low on AR's.  Buy now, the price will go back up.  Sad to say but, Trump will most likely be a one term president. The press will more than likely see to that.  We know the drill, and the facts. Prices will go back up,  Get it when it's cheap.  
Almost every shooter that comes into the store has a good use for a silencer.  The problem is they just don't know it.  We are salespeople, not clerks.  So spread the word.  It's great to hunt without ear protection, not bother your neighbors, pile the squirrels up, and not scare other game.  Many more reasons.
Please keep up with our web specials.  We have some of the best prices on things that we have ever had.  Tell the world, we are salespeople.  Mention something to each person, you can make so much of a difference in this slow time.  
Customer Service:  We are doing better, some of you are doing real good.  But here is the real problem and where many of you are kidding yourself about our customer service.   We do great to people we know, but not so good to people we don't.  This is a fact, I see it over and over.  My spies tell me the same thing.  This has to change, we can do better.  Yes, you can do better.  Turn those people you don't know into someone you do know.  That's what makes a salesman.  Be friendly and glad to see people.  They are why you have a pay check.  
I'm not asking you to do this, I am demanding you to do this.  Not just when you feel like it, but every day, every customer.  If you can't do it please be honest and we will discuss your future.  
If you can give me your word this will happen please reply with a simple Yes.  I plan on holding you to your word, so don't respond if you don't plan on doing exactly what I have asked.  
Why am I asking this?  Our customers (even the ones you don't know) are the people that decide our future and furnish us all with a paycheck.  I think it's time we give them the respect the real boss deserves.  


Mark Duncan


                                   BOGO IS HERE.  For those of you who do not know what BOGO is, it stands for Buy One, Get One in the retail business.  Starting Monday, May 1st and continuing through the entire month of May, we are going to be featuring our many Close Out items on a BOGO sale.  When a customer purchases ANY close out item at the mark down price, they may take their choice of any other lower priced close out item at 50% off the close out price.  No limits to the number of times they may take advantage of it.  50% off mark down must be taken off the lowest priced item.  Let's be sure to tell every customer we speak with about this and expedite the close outs.  Thanks